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Hi blue mako

Confessions of a d*ckhead :oops:

Mate I purchased the Cayman to fill a requirement it was never capable of. That was, to use it as both a single and tandem Yak. I thought that with the rear tank well area being rather spacious I could get my 8 year old to sit in there and I could get him on the water with me :oops: I was very wrong.
The Cayman is a beaut little boat and if you want a single it should fill your requirements. It really does have plenty of deck space.My problem is that I wanted a sportscar to perform like a stationwagon and failed. I could tell you that the Cayman is a piece of sh*t but that would be unfair. I have next to no experience in paddle time so it is more likely me than the Cayman with the problem.
I am in a situation at the moment where I must sell my Cayman and start again. I am filthy with myself at the moment and using all my strength not to let this experience strip me of my desire to get Yakked.
I read so many post's that said, test test test, but thought I new better :(

Send me a PM

:D fishing Russ
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