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Canberra - Native nomads 16/12/06

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Beepbeep, beep beep beepbeep.... 6:30am, urghhh <sigh>

'The evil that men do' I mutter as I stagger for the shower, blurred eyes from the previous nights beer antics and B grade movies ( Think 'Deep blue sea', the movie about killer Mako sharks ) make for a grumpy Paffoh until the first cuppa of the day and a lit smoke are safely in my hands and purged ever so slowly into my blood stream.

I had worked my ass off this week somewhat made easier with a trip to Lake Burley Griffin firmly etched in my mind ( Even if it was in the rear of it ), I packed the car on Friday night so I could get out to meet Polar early on Saturday morning before the launch from Yarralumla Bay, im not sure what I like so much about launching here but I could put it down to transportation ease and hassle free rigging... Its a damn beautiful spot and closer to my house than the ramp at BMP.

After a quick chat with Polar ( Nice to meet you, hope you can make it to the AKFF gathering mate ) I spotted Victor and Funda ( Allan ) on the edge of Black Mountain so wandered on over to say hello, It was at this stage I noticed that the weather was not of its usual calibre and the wind was belting my yak around... White caps on LBG made it quite difficult to hold position and after some discussions and advice from Allan we decided to head around to the rock wall east of the boat ramp.

On the way round I ventured into Redfin land only to discover a severe wind knot had ensnared my lure to my rod tip on my braid outfit resulting in a snip which left about 1 inch of 6lb leader, without extra leader I tied my snap on to the remainder and attached my new favourite Redfin lure ( No not a Pakrat, a Craftmaster Merlin straight from Wodonga! ).

Rushing round towards Allan as I exited Redfin land with Victor 100m behind I managed to get a solid hit and reeled in steadily a 30cm Redfin only to lose him next to the yak, bahhhh but never mind, I haven't lost many yak side over the past few trips and LBG was looking dirtier than usual so a feed had already been decided against and was not an option...

The rocks were out of the wind and the rowers heavily present creating for some amusing jostling, towards the rocks was a weed patch offering loads of surface carp and a huge school of juvenile Redfin one of which got foul hooked through its own anus... Even at 10cm it was a great looking specimen and in huge abundance, a guy in a tinnie next to me extracted one on a surface popper ( He was pretty suprised as he was sight casting for carp ).

Anyway enough of this Redfin crap, this day was dedicated to natives and with spinnerbaits the order of the day the willows and snags of the rock wall urged us over, Allan told me about a huge floating deceased Cod he had seen here a few weeks ago and with the fishfinder showing fish around the trees I was hopeful one of us could pull a Golden or even manage a Murray Cod.

After about an hour I noticed a floating blubbery mass entangled in some branches, I moved as close as I could and zoomed in with the camera to identify what I believe was the dead Cod Funda had mentioned before ( given that Cod season was only into its 16th day it was a sad sight to see )... Many people shore based, yak or boat are targeting the natives all over Australia with intent to mame and reduce stocks, These people do not intend to keep there catch but claim they only target the BIG COD but with what success? ( Getting a photo and handling inappropriately, then releasing fish before it swims off then dies? ).

Im just interested in debating the practice of catch and release...

With zero native action Funda and I discussed why they had shut down and headed around the points near the boat ramp to play with some Redfin while Victor hung around back at the wall, Funda and myself hit a school and trolled in some hungry Redfin ( Biggest about 20cm with Allan getting a fish a cast and even 2 fish on the one lure! )... All three of us pulled some fish whilst dodging rowers and even swimmers.

11:00am hit and my belly and dodgy knee told me it was time to leave so I thanked Funda for the fisheries sticker and said goodbye to the boys, one last troll through Redfin land and then a pedal over to the Bay to meet Claire... Couple more small Redfin and a 30cm fish half way back made my morning, even if no natives were caught I met some top Canberra AKFF blokes and took some English Perch on my favourite lake.

Doesn't get much better than that...

Hope you enjoyed the report! 8)
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Hi Derek, Top report! sorry I missed it as although there were no natives it sounds like a good paddle in not ideal conditions! Glad Allan found some redfin! and two on one hook! that is a rare feat!

Good news is the car was easily fixed today, so next time I plan a trip I should actually be able to attend!

Great report there Paff,

It wasnt the best weather for chasing natives but the reddies were a bit of fun and also something I've never chased before, I was way over gunned for the reddies so will bring an ultra light spin stick for next time.

Heres the yak ready to go.

My best reddie for the day.

Re; C&R have a read of the latest chronical report by Ben Caddeye (sp), I think it holds a pretty good clue to the floater you seen today. :evil:

Happy to discuss "best practise C&R" on natives if you want to start a new thread about it :wink:

Anyway it was great to meet you's and I'm looking forward to next time.

Cheers, Allan
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great report and pics guys
Derek - fantastic to meet you and Claire this morning - that setup for the F/F is pure genius. Mate wish I had a camera when you took off -the wash comming out of the back of the hobie and the bow raised 3inches out of the water gave the impression you were hooting along at a great rate of knots - which you were :D . Sorry to hear no natives - I will be there next saturday -will keep off the ale @ Tina's work Xmas party - put a F/F on layby(Big W - Piranha 10 - $148) and purchased some HB lures - digger you are a bad influence :twisted:
Great report ... now my two cent's worth :lol:

Another early bleary eyed start of the Morning on LBR, arriving at 6:30 ready to chase natives. Weather was cool and easterly winds blowing, no a typical morning on LBG.

Meet Allan (Funda) first time about 7ish, armed with spinnerbaits and am real keen.

Paddled out around to the BMP to the eastern side, known place for natives mainly yella's, coming around the corner to the eastern side, Derek (paff) arrives from Yaralumba bay and we all ready for a crack at the natives. Ever cast seems to blow us into the shoreline. Very hard to stay in place and get more than one cast before floating where the lure landed. A frusting morning on the eastern side. All decided to paddle around back to the western side and look for fish as the was protected from the wind.

No much luck on this side, casting spinnerbait into the trees, not a bite. Lost on spinnerbait to submerged tree, LBG 1 victor 0.

Decided for change, let's chase the reddies ... and give Allen a bash at these pesky little critters.

we all caught lots of tiny little buggers, my largest was about 20 cm.

Pic of the typical size we were all catching, start to get borded with these little critters, Must have caught a buckets load but we decided to call it quits, its cold where are hungry ...

Well there is always next time :lol:

The main thing I love about Yak fishing and AKFF is the people we meet.

Now I have to get ready for my trip north to Forster and hope to catch up with Tryhard... until then

Merry Xmas to all



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Nice report gents...a capital effort getting onwater. Paff the C&R thread would be a goody. Squidder left Melbourne with the idea of stitching up a pair of Redfin boots for himself to wear about Canberra. He was muttering something about grace, style and a whole new "pimp fisho" look for himself. From memory slicking his hair back with Tuna Oil was also gonna be in. I'm sure you fella's will help him out :wink: :D
PoddyMullet said:
Squidder left Melbourne with the idea of stitching up a pair of Redfin boots for himself to wear about Canberra. He was muttering something about grace, style and a whole new "pimp fisho" look for himself. From memory slicking his hair back with Tuna Oil was also gonna be in.
You said you could keep a secret Poddy :evil:

Nice report guys :D
After about an hour I noticed a floating blubbery mass entangled in some branches, I moved as close as I could and zoomed in with the camera to identify what I believe was the dead Cod Funda had mentioned before ( given that Cod season was only into its 16th day it was a sad sight to see )...
Gday Paffoh. During spring time here in SA, it is not unusual to find very large dead cod floating in the River Murray. By all accounts it is a spawning related thing (egg bound???) - several reports often arise at the same time in various parts of the river. Hopefully theres nothing sinister happening in your neck of the woods. Oh, and good report too!
Hi Paffoh. I was looking at that map with the yellow markers on. Presume that is where you caught all the redfin. I did basically the same trip last week and was bored to death with all the reddies. Even caught 2 on a big Oar gee cod lure.

I also launched from yarralumla bay and must say that if you go between those boats that are ankored just to the left of the launching pad you catch reddies cast after cast after cast. Looks klike it is always like that as I did that same area last year but in my waders. My best so far is 22 reddies of 22 casts.
Good report lads.

Firstly, I am glad to see others getting sick of little redfin. Although when you pull in some horses occassionally, it makes it all worth while. I will give you my tip in a minute.

For you guys who use the Redfin patchs as marked quite well on the map above, and think there is nothing more than schools of Reddies there, may I point out that on my last solo trip (only 10 smallish reddies in 20 mins) I also managed to land my second cod in the same area. I could not believe it. At first I thought here we go, my new PB (currently stands at 53 cm) coming up, but it turned out to be a little cod. I did not have my camera man Leigh with me on this occassion as he is still crusing around Fraser Island on a houseboat with his family, but I can assure you, there is at least one cod swimming with the reddies off the weedpatch on the corner. The little fella only meausred 46cm, but he looked beautiful. And yes, before anyone asks, I made sure he was swimming before I released him and I did see him swim away with vigor, so I hope the dead one you found (different area I am sure) is not my fault.

My suggestion to you fellas for the bigger reddies is to fish the evenings. I have found now that when I (and Leigh) go out in the late afternoons/evenings, the Reddies are markedly bigger and definitely hungrier.

Nice photos. Especially of the big bugger. I am looking forward to my digital camera for christmas so I can do reports like this.

Big Mac

P.S. Glad others have experiences the "two fish on the one lure" trick. No-one (except my witness Leigh) was believing me when I told them, but now others have done it, they should start to believe us!
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