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Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin 22/10/06

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Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin 22/10/06

Step Brother was in town, saying goodbye before he is transferred to Townsville to another barracks ( Army ), so what better excuse to go for a yak :)

Not much around although he pulled a small Redfin with a smaller Killalure Pakrat on a cast while i was untangling my lure from my rudder system <sigh> :?

As long as someone catches fish im a happy yakker :p

Trolled for awhile but fish were shutdown, unfortunately no afternoon action for me today so will have to wait for next weekend. Hopefully soon i can do a report from a local Dam, im itching pretty hard to get out to Googong... maybe we can drag Red Pheonix along 8)

Ps - bought some old 'Iron Maiden' cd's, amps me up so much lol
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Paffoh, were you able to untangle you line from rudder while on the water? I once had line around my skeg and had to return to shore :oops: . Nice pics of the lake. Beaut day on the water.
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