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Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin 10/12/06

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Sunday, bloody Sunday...

After such a fun day yesterday with my Sister on LBG and not much else scheduled this weekend ( Apart from an afternoon BBQ ) I decided mid morning to have a solo crack at some natives along the edge of Black Mountain peninsula and play with some Redfin on the way over... They are so cute im sure they just want to come and play with the yak!

End of a triathalon around the Bay side with crap loads of cars, not sure what event it was but plenty of swimmers still in the water with angry men in their 2 stroke tinnys on patrol for wayward souls... The race finish was next to the launch site and luckily as I entered the waters edge the population migrated away from LBG to recover at home.

Very similar route to yesterday, departing Yarralumla Bay around 10am and heading towards BMP I was very interested in how long my batteries would last in the FF ( AA Energizer x 8 on about there 5th hour ) so wasn't paying attention when my Pakrat went bezerk after about 60 seconds on the troll... A 30cm Redfin was released unharmed beside the yak.

Tried to push over towards BMP when I got a double hook up about 10 strokes out from previous fish, noticed a huge school on the sounder so chucked the baitcaster out with a small Viking Talisman to float around while I retrieved the other 2 rods... oh no, for the first time in my life i have managed to get a TRIPLE HOOKUP!

These 3 fish ( 2 spat the hook at the edge of yak due to urgency of retrieval ) were all fairly small about 20cm in size, having a ball I decided before I hit the natives I would transfer to Redfin land and try my luck in my favourite spot... Bit cleaner today with no Swan golems guarding the entrance, managed to extract 4 Redfin in about 5 minutes ( Biggest about 25cm ), they may have been small but they would engulf both sets of trebles or foul hook the second set with there constant headshakes.

Ok so the Redfin were on fire, water temperature was a whopping 24 degrees and BMP was in my sights, absolutely no wind but a fair bit of surface weed around the edge accompanied by a million Carp cruising around about 1m below the surface ( Where is Red and his hand spear when you need him / it? ).

Talisman was deployed along with a larger Pakrat and a Craftmaster Deep Merlin to get down towards the bottom ( Yes I managed to troll 3 rods without incident ), pulled about 4 tiny Redfin in very quick succession even though no fish showed on the FF.. the Redfin really seemed to like the merlin, Girlfriend bought it from A Mart yesterday after I cried about losing the red Plow on Saturday ( What a lovely future wife she will make! ).

The talisman took a huge hit so I grabbed the rod from the holder, felt the weight and commenced retrieve only to have pulled the hooks ( Due to trolling with 12lb braid / 20lb leader? )... Damn so close to a native, im guessing a Golden but only because im not sure what a Cod will hit like and only god would enjoy teasing me... That and I would sell my soul for another Golden Perch.

Taking photos of some wildlife i moved down towards Redfin land for a few more English Perch, little buggers were everywhere and i had already clocked up over 15 before I had even thought of going home... Water temp hit 25 Degrees near the smaller island and the heat was taking its toll, luckily I decided to bite Red Pheonix's style ( Who bit Gatesy's style ) and wear my new 'Sheik' Columbia PFG hat along with tons of sunscreen.

Left knee was clicking and getting sore so a slow drift from Redfin land to the Bay was in order, Pakrat went out along with the Merlin to catch me a feed before I left... ZZzzzt ZZzzzzt DOUBLE HOOKUP, First fish fought hard and even wrapped himself in weed to try and get away before he was placed in net and lure removed ( Lure was chucked over the side with bail arm over ), next fish was exactly the same size and fought hard so I decided to lift him in without net seeing as though it was already occupied, 2 larger Redfin just shy of 30cm...

A glance to the left and I noticed braid peeling from my Daiwa, the bail arm wasnt clicked over and the lure had been smashed on the surface ( Bastard fish went deep once pressure was applied ) before spitting the hook sighted next to the yak, no other fish has tested my drag setting's in LBG like that one did... Estimated Redfin size of 45cm! <sigh>

What to eat for pre - dinner tonight? Hmmm...

Called it a day and kept the 2 larger Redfin for a feed, packed up the yak and went home a happy camper... After missing out on a yak for the last 2 weeks due to work and travel commitments i feel satisfied but im pretty sore after so much pedaling solo ( Have now explained to the Girlfriend that i must go on the Yak twice a week and at least once a weekend ), maybe this way I can have my 21 or so English Perch over the weekend and eat it too!

From now on I will supply a paddle chart with every report, LBG may be my favourite domain but only due to other people showing me where to go and teaching me the ways of the wascally wedfin... Its a massive body of man made water with some real soul to it and deserves to be enjoyed by all, yak or no yak ( Many familys on the waters edge today, people swimming, fishing, paddling, crying, yelling and generally having fun made me feel proud to live in Canberra ).

May have sucked 20 years of my life away but im working on repairing old grudges in the future...

Hope you enjoyed the report! 8)
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Nice report Derek, shame about the natives though.

I am keen for a trip out, early morning to BMP for some spinnerbait tossing around the drop offs (wonder if Funda got me motivated) maybe this weekend.....would you be keen?

I will seek permission from the wife and out a post up in the trip's section tomorrow.....If i am allowed!

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