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Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin 1/11/06

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Finished work @ 5pm and raced home with the girlfriend to enjoy an early mid week yak on our local lake, you gotta love daylight savings! ( During the working week that is, id usually come home and have brew on the couch ).
Launched without incident ( Last weekend got a Stumpjumper through my finger! ) and started a troll using my new talisman deep diver and a plethora of the larger Kilalure pakrats.

A lot of weed about floating on the surface and a CRAP LOAD of Swans ripping up more along my fave spot, dosent sound like much of a problem but we were both lucky to troll more than 60 seconds without having weed dragged down onto our bibs ( and im talking over a 400m stretch ) so we decided to round the point in search of some Redfin.

Looking for the bubble trails we found an almost swirling abyss of bubble patches and after locating a likely spot i switched to the smaller pakrat and got an instant result on this 36cm Redfin amongst the Carp and bloody Swans... It was Claires time, she knew it, the day had come for her to land a fish from the yak and sure enough after no resistance and a flick at the final surge a small Redfin was aboard, needless to say she was stoked :D

Time was running out so we headed for the bay in fading light amazed that we could both fit in a 2 hr yak after a hard days work, I managed to bring in another small Redfin before we arrived safe on shore infront of the car... so addicted to these Kilalure pakrats! ( very similar to a Deception Shrimp, colour markings are almost a dead match ), great for natives and my number one lures of choice :lol:

'Shall we go again tommorow?' she said, smiling. :D
Ive got her hook, line and sinker... another yak here we come!

Hope you enjoyed the report! :p
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Dammit, my secret is out, bloody Dodge. :evil:
Nice Report mate, well done, and congrats on getting in a 2 hour session after work, that's a great effort. Hope you have many more of those. :D
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