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Canberra - Gungahlin pond

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Hi Yakkers, Well today was the first paddle with the new yak, great to be out on the water after all this time, Set off right on 12 noon, not ideal time for fishing, but great day and weather for a 2 hour paddle around. No fish were caught and only one was found on the sounder.....couldn't cast enough lures at it to temp it to bite either! Took a pic too, it's missing two rod holders (on order) and where the rod is now will be where the short handle net will sit.........next report I hope to catch more fish......and for those curious about gungahlin pond, it's about 2 meters deep everywhere, but around 3 meters near the spill way, acording to the sounder.


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that's a nice looking yak mate


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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