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Canberra bound

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Some of you guys may already know that I'm relocating to Canberra for (at least) a year. The reason being a job opportunity that was too good to pass up - the opportunity to work on a melanoma vaccine that will (hopefully) be going into patients mid-next year. It means leaving Squidette, the family, and the Mangoes behind :cry: But also opens up a wealth of new life and fishing opportunities with the Canberra boys :D

I'll be driving up on December the 10th, and have my last day at my current job this Thursday - which gives me quite a few days off for fishing, and it's a comp week, oh joy.....

I'm currently investigating kayak-friendly accomodation (it's times like these I wish I had a smaller one......kayak that is :lol:).

Look forward to putting faces to the Canberra names in the near future! :p
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Woohooo another member!

Ill try not to bash you with my Hobie too much, ok? ( Its a cranky yak! ).
Seriously a skin cancer vacine sounds like an epic way to go down in history mate, a valiant attempt and effort is needed and i commend you on leaving the missus, family and those smelly mangoes behind...

Take note of the weather, within 2 weeks we had snow and temp of around 4 all the way to some scorching 36 degree days... it also hits well over 40 in summer and can drop below -8 in winter, Brrrrrrr!

Come brain some Redfin with us, ill try and save you some :p
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