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Camera batteries

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Hi all, I was not sure which part of the forum to ask this question, unless camera is counted as tackle, but here goes, and chide me if you must.
The issue is rechargeable batteries for cameras. My camera takes AA cells, and I have been using lets say Big name batteries, and I am lucky to get off two shots without having to do a battery change. Fair to say they are a couple of years old, and have been cycled a good few times. I also have a couple of "digitor" batteries, which are as old, and are a lot better.
Question is, does anyone have a strong opinion, of which batteries are the best to get. I just hate having to charge 'n' change all the time. I could ask at a camera shop, and I am sure the ones that give the best profit margin will be suggested.

Cheers all Andybear :lol:
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Andy also a mug in the digital camera/battery department.

When I got the digi camera, I told the bloke I was going to use my rechargeable NiCad AA in it and he said not to waste my time as battery life would be poor.

He recommended rechargeable lithium AA as the way to go at about $60 for charger and 2 batteries.

Didn't want to spend the extra at the time, so just bought 2 Lithium at about $16 pair and am at the 80 pics taken and uploaded to PC with no problems, and still OK, but may buy his suggested gear later; not sure though as happy with the output of the throwaway batteries to date and when they expire might just buy replacements if they last OK

Edit: just checked the tandy site and the recharge be these [not lithium] http://tinyurl.com/ygadj5
YakAtak said:
and he told me to use the optical view finder rather than the LCD screen as it seems the LCD draws a lot of juice.
My Kodak manual says that also but using the lithium didn't worry about battery use, and I was wrong in my earlier reply it was $12 for 2 lithium batteries and pleased to date and money well spent
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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