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Buying tackle from the USA

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I dunno if any of you know the Yo-Zuri Hydro Squirt. Phil Yakman put me onto it nearly 2 years ago as one of the best yak lures for offshore pelagic trollling.

It looks like a squid and swims like one too. (see pic) - One of the best slow trolling kingie lures ever! There is another brand who made a cheaper copy but it doesn't compare in hook strength, build or swim action to the yo-zuri.

I found some here in Australia but they are all around AU$30 RRP. I googled the web and came upon Bass Pro in the US. They had some on special for US$11.95 each or AU$13.92 each.

I ordered 5 x Hydrosquirts and 8 x heavy duty Grouper jigs (Jewie feathers that you'll never get here in OZ) all up my order including postage was AU$100 bucks.

3 days later Mr FedEX arrived - I was stoked. My hydrosquirts costed AU$16.84 each including FedEX courier.


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That is one sweet looking lure
You think they would work on Jewie too???
And what is the name of the lure????
I dont want to use them off rocks, there is a good jewie spot on the maroochy river i want to troll them.
What you think give it a go?
My lurs came to day......5 rapalas and a hydro squid, but the yo-zuri lure looks the sh!t.
i cant wait for the weekend now.....


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