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Burrum Heads again

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G'day guys,

Put my pirogue in at Burrum Heads yesterday.

Put in at dawn right on the turn of the tide for a lazy paddle upstream with the current. plan was to drag a couple of lures till the tide turned then come back on the ebb.

Not a breath of wind on put in and it stayed that way all morning :D just poking along, very slow fishing and just enjoying the ride. Very quiet on the fishing side, with not even a strike for about the first 3 miles. eventually a nice little lizard 43cm succumed to the micro mullet and went on ice. :D

I pumped a few yabbies and tried some live bait drifting but the fish weren't having a bar of it. Back to my HBs. had a blue gill on one line all day for Nada and a micro mullet on the other.

Long story short, As the day was warming up - OK, it was getting bloody hot, I reached round for my water bottle only to find that I had left it in the car. :oops: luckily, I knew a bloke from another forum was further upstream in a stink boat so made my way to him and he very kindly gave me water and an ice cold can of pepsy. Thanks Wayne, I owe you big time mate. :D Dehydration is a serious safety issue here in summer.

Back to the story, after a chat with wayne I continued on upstream for very little result and on the turn of the tide headed back. By this time the sea breeze had kicked in and had to punch into 15 knots of E/Ne all the way. Bloody hard work in a canoe - even a slippery little pirogue.

Score for the day.

Micro Mullet - 1 lizard, 2 trevally, 2 bream 7 a couple of small grunter
SX40 nada
Live Yabbies Nada.


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That's a nice flatty mate, and the count of throw backs looks good to me too. This fresh water caper has left me feeling stoked if I throw back 2 fish in a session, gotta get me some salt water action one day soon.
If you give the prawnstar lures a go, remove one of the weights, I've been told this makes the action far better. :wink:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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