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Hi All,

I am glad this story has a happy ending.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-26/k ... rs/4713372

A 32-year-old man who spent more than six hours clinging to his capsized kayak in seas off Brisbane says he was more worried about sharks than making it back to shore.
Danny Booth says he was kayaking with friends around midday yesterday when he got into trouble on a trip to St Helena Island in Moreton Bay.
He says he paddled too far ahead, got swamped by a wave and could not get back into his new kayak.
Mr Booth says he then looked around and realised he could not see anyone.
He says he drifted for hours and could not stop thinking about sharks and big ships the whole time.
"I was more worried about being cleaned up by shark - if a shark comes, a shark comes," he said.
"If a freighter cleans me up, [then a] freighter cleans me up."
He turned up at the Port of Brisbane at around 6pm (AEST) where he climbed a rock wall, walked to a coal terminal and called his mother and police.
Mr Booth has apologised for getting lost and thanked everyone who searched for him.
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