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Well I headed off to the boat show this morning in search of cheap gear and information.
I went to a few of the talks the ones on squidgies, different rigs and breaming and I have to say apart from the squidgie talk which may as well have been an ad they were great, I dont think I necesarily learnt anything new but it made think of techniques I no longer use but which are successful and so I will now start to use again. I also scored some freebies by asking questions so I now have a nice new tackle box and some sp's.
Of interest to thekayak fraternity were the Hobie stand and the feelfree stand.
All I can say about the Hobie kayaks is wow I think it was the adventure mirage (there longest kayak) it looked sensational its not hard to see why they appeal it just looked fast and expensive, the staff there were giving good information to the prospective buyers and didnt seem to be trying to sell too much.
The feelfree stand was a bit different there kayaks didnt look too fast (read wide) the rudder system on these were quite strange and looked overly complex there kayaks didnt look to well thought out. But they did have the water proof bags that clip onto the front or back of kayaks, these look suitable for carrying gear or fish they cost $82 which isnt too bad. I am still waiting for my prototype that i am having made which although not waterproof will be insulated, the feelfree ones did look ok though.
The tackle bargains were around and I picked up a Berkley Dropshot 8Kg+ spin stick for $69 heaps of other gear looked well priced but as I am currently buying another house my wife said dont buy anything, I snuck the rod into the shed without her seeing.
Overall it was a pretty good day and I'll probably go again, to another day time session (free passes let me come and go) especially to the talks.

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For anyone wanting kayak bits and pieces, Whitworths are running 15% off all stock Boat Show specials at their SEQ stores Fri 1 and Sat 2 Sept
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