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braid or mono

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gday guys

just want to no what line is better for flicking oround soft plastics braid or mono and what breaking strain to use and does the colour of the line make much differance. i will be mainly chasing bream and flathead in my local rivers and lake any info would be helpful.

cheers mik
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cheers for that guys i will be getting some braid for shore then in about the 6 pound class .

i havent done much river fishing do most of my stuff ofshore in my stink boat as you guys refer to them as were 20 pound is light

cheers mik
just a couple more question how long do you have the leader of mono and what size leader do you use .i was watchig that bream fishing show today and some blokes said they were using 2 pound leader in clear water then changed to 8 pound when in dirter water is that the go .

do you use braid for bait fishing as well

cheers mik
cheers ken

so how long should the leader be and can you use any line or do you use the stuff that is a bit more abrassion resistance

hey guys just got myself a couple of penn acord 2000 reels for for my penn power stick rods i have one thats 6'6 for soft plastics and my other one is 7 foot for bait fishing all i have to do now is decide on which braid to get geez thers alot to choose from what do use fellows recomend to get

these are te reels http://www.jarviswalker.com.au/Accord.htm

cheers mik
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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