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braid or mono

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gday guys

just want to no what line is better for flicking oround soft plastics braid or mono and what breaking strain to use and does the colour of the line make much differance. i will be mainly chasing bream and flathead in my local rivers and lake any info would be helpful.

cheers mik
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I'm new to all this but have recieved a lot of help from the people on these forums & the local tackle shop people. My wife & I have Kingfishers & are happy to say they are as good or better than we expected (not having much to go off). We've only been in the Richmond half a dozen times & only fished twice.
I bought a 2m Penn Powerspin combo with the 2000 reel & 6lb line, 70 mm Gary glitter squidges with the weight & hook combos recommended by the guy at the shop. My wife ended up with a smaller shimano combo from a shop a the Tweed. Both setups for less than $150 all up.
Didn't do any good at the area around the ferry & Emigrant Ck (Lat 28.8745979485 Long 153.528851471) but had a conversation with a guy there that uses braid (4lb I think with a flouro leader) does the flick thing in the holes in North Ck & usually gets 4 or five at a time - his rod was a bit lighter than mine (three times the price) & the weights were half that of mine & I think the gary glitters were a bit smaller.
I caught a nice flatty on Sunday on the incoming tide under Prospect bridge in north ck (lat 28.8483779337 Long 153.570379781) I didn't have to paddle as there were rapids draging me through & at first I thought I had a snag (580 gms without its head & guts) but just as It landed between my legs so did the squidgee & it was separated from the line - lucky I guess but I think I'll be getting some braid with a leader before next weekend.
Good luck -
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Thanks Richo, I'll take your advise & am having a lot of fun with the boats. I tried to send some pics last night but appently they were too big - how do I make them smaller - I noticed you've sent a few photos in the past - Regards peter -(back to work)
Any time Richo - just give us a few days notice. By the way - how do you get that section in your reply that states Peter(or whoever)wrote:............ & it's surrounded by a border etc.
I'm about to have a look at that program for modifying photos
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