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braid or mono

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gday guys

just want to no what line is better for flicking oround soft plastics braid or mono and what breaking strain to use and does the colour of the line make much differance. i will be mainly chasing bream and flathead in my local rivers and lake any info would be helpful.

cheers mik
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yep, agree with all of the above. I'm only a relatively recent convert to light line fishing (since I got the yak actually). Previously I thought 10 or 12 pound was light line - but I bit the bullet and bought some 6lb braid to go on a nice light outfit I got off ebay (saratoga bream rod and oscillate reel - can't fault either of them - total cost about $40 - $50 by memory) and it is just great fun. I have caught a lot of good fish (40cm bream, 80cm snook) and have yet to have the line break. I've now gone and bought some 4lb line (bought both braid and a hybrid) which i'm hoping to trial this weekend. I use a 8lb leader, but might even go a bit lighter with that too. Go light - be happy!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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