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braid or mono

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gday guys

just want to no what line is better for flicking oround soft plastics braid or mono and what breaking strain to use and does the colour of the line make much differance. i will be mainly chasing bream and flathead in my local rivers and lake any info would be helpful.

cheers mik
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driftr said:
Good advice there guys, i have 1 question though.

What knot do you use to join the mono to the fireline? i have done it before but cant remember hehe
Hey Drifter, Top advice above from the boys! I use fireline on an egg beater for sp'ing for flatties and bream! cannot beat it!

Knott, I use the double Uni knott to join them together, most documents/people say use at least 4 loops ( I hope you know whay I mean) but I reccomend 6-8 loops, there can sometimes be a diameter differance between leader and main line, so it's safe to allow for this.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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