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Bobbin Head - Sunday 19/11

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Well, after too long a time I had my first real fish in the Yak. Unfortunately the results favored the fish of Bobbin Head. :)

I was amazed how much more you can see being that close to the water. Though I didn’t catch anything I saw some huge bream in close to the rocks and under a few moored boats, I also found a couple of new spots to try for some squid.

Having mostly fished with bait I’m new to mostly lure fishing but I trolled an SX 40 and a CD 9 most of the time close into shore as the creek drops off to about 20 metres pretty quickly from shore. Had what felt like a few hits on the SX 40, but no serious takers.

It was a good first recon though and I can’t wait to get back out. Now to add to some of Shayne’s beginner observations I offer up the a few things I observed on my first (real) hit out:

· The faster the stinkboat pulls their skier, the loader they seem to play music.
· Women seem to scream on boats a lot (that might sound sexist – maybe they were blokes with very high pitched voices)
· When a school of baitfish start jumping out of the water right next to me, it’s a sure sign that my line is too tangled to cast.
· A neatly packed milk crate doesn’t necessarily mean the gear is accessible
· 3-mil nylon rope (cut too long) for rod leashes can be cheap and effective means of choking yourself if you're not careful. – I think all beginners should develop a leash management plan before venturing out.

That was just a warm up Fish – next time I’ll mean business! :evil:
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Its all good Eric.

What fish are you chasing around that way? I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the steep banks of the Cowan make it poor waters for small hardbodies. By all means use them in the shallows upstream, and the creek has heaps of them but forget about them downstream. The larger hardbodies can pick up a pelagic in the deeper water so are worth a go when travelling.

I will be having a go in that system a few times this summer and will concentrate on softplastics worked from the shore into the deeper water. Also just cast around the submerged boulders. If I'm there at dawn or dusk might also give the poppers a go. I've tended to neglect softplastics in favour of hardbodies since I got the yak but those flooded river valleys look a much better sp prospect.

Will you be able to make the 2nd?
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Guy, I agree there's some great water upstream. Went about 5 or 6 Km up one time and there were extensive shallows with the odd nice hole. Pulled a bream trolling along the edge of a channel. Gotta be loads of summer whiting there too. Happy to return that way after I've explored Smiths Ck. Sydney has too many waterways
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