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Bobbin Head - 6 Dec -Squid

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Went our for a quick trip after work yesterday again to find some squid spots near Bobbin Head. Was intending on checking out the Ribbon Weed above the marinia that Peril mentioned but it was right on low tide so I thought there might not be much water over that weed for squid so I headed downstream.

Hit 3 little bays for 3 squid, though the last one dropped off and bounced off the side of the Yak just as I was bringing him in. He did ink me and so created a new "squid fishing shirt" (my 2nd).

All the squid were hooked while drifting on a handline under a float. I should have been casting jigs as I think I would have got more but was interested in seeing if I could find a flattie near the drop offs. No luck only lost 2 SP tails.
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Hmmm. Never even thought of squid in those areas. Have to carry a few jigs with me next time I'm down there.

Nice one Eric.
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