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Bobbin Head - 26 Nov

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Intended on putting in at the playground area of Bobbin Head as I wanted to try upstream this time. Was disappointed that the gate was locked (5:50 am) so I went to the boat ramp at Apple Tree Bay (ATB). Peddled up past the Marina for a small tailor on a 6 inch sluggo. Had some interest in this as I was leaving ATB too, but nothing took it seriously.

Tried some SPs near an old concrete barge. The bargain basement Gulp SP seemed more popular but they kept chewing the tails off. Might try some smaller ones next time. I did pick up about a 35 cm flattie on a small Atomic pumpkin coloured paddle tail.

Overall it was pretty windy, but not a bad morning and I was back home eating eggs and bacon with the kids at 9 am – I do love this kayak fishing :D
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Nice one OMC a nice way to spend a morning isn't it

Cheers Dave
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