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Blood worm run

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Gday all. In South Australia we experience a 'run' of blood worms which coincides with particular moon phases around this time of year. Those 'in the know' reckon there should be a run over the next 3 nights. Millions of worms leave their holes and head out to sea in what I understand to be a spawning ritual - those willing to brave the freezing conditions can stock up on a years supply of bait in one night. The down side of this is that the fish tend to shut down - they gorge themselves with a free feed.

I wondering whether the other states have a similar phenomena and what your experience is with fishing at this time, and any tricks to get those fish to bite. I'm hoping to have a fish saturday morning, and have some blood worm 'gulps' ready to go - ie 'match the hatch' - do you reckon this is the way to go, or will the fish think 'not another bloody :lol: worm'?
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gday fisher
the only similar phenoma ive seen is in Samoa around the full moons in October and November when the palolo worm reproduces by splitting in half.The half with the eggs then rises to the surface and floats away from the coral where they live.
People usually go and wait and collect these segments when they wash up on the shore in the early morning as the segments break up once the sun hits them.Its considered a delicacy over there and my cousins usually go every year to collect some
We get the same thing here in Tas. thousands of worms swimming to sea at night, not sure exactly when though. I've seen it twice when night diving at the tamar mouth. Don't know about the local effects on the fishing but there were plenty of fish and squid eating them.
I have also seen mention of a similar phenomenon (spell??) on a japanese fishing forum and in this case it stimulates some fantastic seabass fishing by "matching the hatch."
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