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Black Rock 11/11/06

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l could hear the surf pounding the beach as l pulled up to the car park,lt was 4am.
This will be interesting they were predicting 2m swell on the net and from what l could see it was all of that,l was ready to take up Dan's [Spooled]offer and head off to Byron Bay for a fish which has a lot more protection in the bay
But Steven and Trevor would have non of that and by the time we had the yaks down at the beach we could see a bit clearer in the dawn light.
The best spot to have a go was between the two rocks,Trev and Stev got out OK, l got there on my second atempt, every time this happens l tell my self l have to get fitter,it knocks the stuffing out of me.
The reef is about 1km out and the current was running hard [3km]
l managed to land 4 Squire by drifting SP over the reef and paddling back for another drift.
Stev and Trev landed 1 nice mac tuna each on live yakkas.don't they go hard some big runs. :D :D
l hooked up on something that just about spooled me,it peeled off 100to150m of line before it backed off a bit,at this stage the yak had picked up speed 4km,5km,6km, l was thinking how good is this 8) 8) thats when he bust me off :eek: :eek: l should have backed the drag off a bit.
The 20lb leader broke about 1m up from the hook,Dam dose'nt that piss you off.
The wind picked up from the north and we headed home, Top way to start the morning.
l think l will go home and have a nap now

Dan how did you go at Byron this morning


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Well done Spotty and crew.

Sounds a bit busier than this neck of the woods

Shame about dropping that good fish mate. You probably could have nailed it if you used a 60lb Jinkai leader. Summer is on the way and it's worth the upsize.

Here in Byron things were a different story - Very quiet. 3 small squire and a PB "smallest" - a 25cm rat king.

Another yakker was out: Phil from Brisbane, rides an orange perception SIK. Nice bloke, said he doesn't get on the forum.

Very easy entry and exit in 2-3 foot surf. Strangely, I came off on the 1st entry. It was 5.00am NSW time and I obviously wasn't on the job.Packed it in at 10.00am

We'll hook up next time - Good onya.
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Onya Stu, if there is anything in the world better than a sleigh ride on your yak I am yet to find it. A top feed of reds there mate, enjoy.

Catch ya Scott
Sounds like tough conditions Stu...but geez you guys eat a lotta fish :D
Top one fellas. Shame about the bigun' Stu, but that's the joy of fishing
It could be time to upsize the leader Stu. The sleigh ride would have got the heart pumping. :)
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