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big bities

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High all you Ausie yakers

I've been yak fishing over here accross the ditch for a couple of years and don't think much of paddling a out a few ks. I email pic's of my fish to my bro, who resides in your neck of the woods. As he is a keen fisherman as well, I've asked him why he doesn't get into yak fishing. His reply was that there's too many bl**dy big fish over here that want to bite you (whites, makos, Etc) How do you get on fishing amongst these beasts?
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Hey JB I was thinking of hooking up a up a flux capacitor and a space continuum transfunctioner to a defibrator with a piece of NO8 wire. That should fix the bu**ers
So it sounds l like you guys don't do anything special or different. I tend not to blood burly, mainly use pellets, oils, crushed crabs and sea eggs, so as not to attract them. As Jb said, doc do silly things like chunk burleying (in close to swimming beaches) them to tag them. We're talking 6mtr Great whites here
I usually like to go through the what if in my mind, however this is 1 what if I haven't figured.
You can't run from them
You're going to loose in a fight
And they're too damn big to love
Just hope I don't come face to face with one
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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