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big bities

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High all you Ausie yakers

I've been yak fishing over here accross the ditch for a couple of years and don't think much of paddling a out a few ks. I email pic's of my fish to my bro, who resides in your neck of the woods. As he is a keen fisherman as well, I've asked him why he doesn't get into yak fishing. His reply was that there's too many bl**dy big fish over here that want to bite you (whites, makos, Etc) How do you get on fishing amongst these beasts?
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I remember reading something a bit back that said something like, Your 5000 times more likely to be Killed in a car crash on the way to the beach then you are to be bitten by a shark. So remember if you make it to the beach you now have a 1 in 4999 chance of being eatten.

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