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Big bities becoming active with summer.

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Been wondering if the warmer weather increases the chances of seeing a croc in my regular haunts. ABC Internet news said a Darwin man was shocked when he had a wander in his backyard and saw a 1.6 m croc half under a deck and in his goldfish pond. In the Top End today, 4 crocs were caught by Parks and Wildlife workers 'cause they were getting in people's way.

That is NOT the sort of news I want to read. Someone who waterskis in the Fitzroy river up where I paddle for exercise asked me if I had seen the dead cow in the water. I had not. She said she wondered what killed it and was hoping to go back another time to see if it had been eaten. Oh, great, that's all I need.
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Were you there on the weekend when Freckles said he wouldn't yak fish in Corio Bay because of the crocs Troppo? Its not a big swim from Corio to Fishing Creek is it... :?

On a related topic (maybe Troppo could scan the paper article if he has it, i don't) but a bloke was wading out to in chest high water to check his crab pots in fishing creek last week when he was grabbed on the leg by strong toothy critter - thought it was a croc. Pried it of his leg to have it grab his hand. Short tussle ensued and the bloke eventually got free and found a monster Pike Eel half caught in his pot! The paper has a shot of him with the eel - he kept it to use as crab bait :lol:
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