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best posi for trolling rod holder on swing

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hey guys,
well i finally got a trolling rod holder, ended up with the smaller scotty, as the larger one seemsa bit long for smaller but spinning reels.

the question is where is the most practical place to mount it on the swing,

has anyone found anything good etc

any tips appreciated
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Hi Ben, I have a berkley adjustable on the left hand side at the end of the rudder- footrests on my swing. Just a couple of observations, I am left handed. If the angle of the trolling rod is fairly vertical the butt could interfere with the travel of the rudder pedals if you have them set at their maximum.Not a problem for me as I am a shortarse :) Any further forward & I would struggle to reach it without sliding forward out of my seat. So if I were you I would check for, ease of reach, doesn't interfere with paddle stroke or rudder-footrests & is on the side you prefer to retrive it from . Mal
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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