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Best place to buy new parts :D

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He yguys, being a newbie here and on the water :D am curious to know where u guys find the best place for range and value to purchase all those add ons for your kayak, rod holders, backrest, etc etc..??

Im on the gold coast but willing to drive a little for a bargain :D
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Would love to be able to help you out there Stonefish, but Im afraid Im the worlds worst, at finding a bargain, until after I have made a purchase.
I sometimes just make do with what Ive got, for instance, my seat is not quite what I want, so found some plastic bedroll mat, and sliced up a couple of layers, glued them up and use that as a cushion.
If time is not an issue wait for the sales,...Noted a relatively newcomer "Anaconda" seems to be very competetive at times, but I have not been there yet.

Cheers Andybear :lol:
for general boat parts, a marine shop such as Whitworths, BIAS etc will have the best selection of 'boating specific' hardware (rod holders, stainless steel fastenings, marine sealants, fishfinders etc etc).

Kmart/Amart or Big W etc will also have a smaller range of rod holders etc.

A kayak shop would have the kayak specific stuff such as backrests, paddles etc.

Not sure what's in your area, but i hope that helps!

On the GC you will find Whitworths at the Brickworks on Ferry Rd Southport, general boat hardware

And Anaconda on Nerang-Southport Rd, Ashmore, their major kayak brands are Perception and Ocean Kayak, and kayak specific bits

Buy at both shops as recommended by DaveyG.

PM if you need a hand
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