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Best land-based spots in Vic

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I just bought myself a new (2nd hand) BMW motorcycle and have been authorized to take a 3- 4 day solo-adventure. Sadly, I won't be able to fit the yak to the bike (Im considering building a custom trailer for it though) but I will be using the trip for some recon on top paddling/fishing spots.

That said, I'm interested to hear if anyone has any opinions on where I should check out. Most of my land based fishing is done at the prom but when I say done, I mean done to death. Its time to try somewhere new. Anyone got any suggestions (absolutely anywhere in Vic)?
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Nice going on the wheels 5th...congrats. I reckon ya got a good plan sorted. Just prior to Lorne there's also Jump Rock which can produce at times. A lot of those streams and rivers also hold little browns and sometimes odd surprises. I think the Erskine at Lorne (which is small and heavily fished) holds a Vic or Aussie record for EP. If ya came back inland with a Mulloway tail waving outta ya bag you could also try Bullen Merri or Purrumbete before winging it home. What a tour :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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