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Berkley turtleback worms

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How do you rig the berkley turtleback worms and the 3" minnows?? I think i know how to rig the minnows right but i have no idea how to rig the turtleback worms???
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i've had both situations fishing the 4" turtleback worms - i've had pike nail the thing so far down i couldn't get the hook out...if it was an 8" worm I reckon it would have still swallowed all of it! At the same time (same spot actually) i've had a hit and wound in slowly to see a bream just hanging onto the tail of the turtleback worm - having not swallowed the whole thing. Suppose it's a suck it and see approach - if you keep getting decent hits but are only pulling in half a soft plastic and no fish then trim them down and try again.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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