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Battery queries - AA 1.5v/ 1.2v

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G'day all. I apologise in advance if this is a numb nut question, but I know nothing about anything electronic! :shock:
Due mainly to weight issues, I decided to go down the track of using 8 x AA batteries for my newly installed sounder. I bought some standard AA batteries and tested it in the garage last night and it seems to work ok. In trying to find an economical way to keep up with AA batteries I started looking for rechargeable options, and found that the recharge batteries are 1.2v compared to 1.5v for standard AA batteries. 8 x 1.5v = 12 volt power. 8 x 1.2 = 9.6 volt power. So my question is whether the recharge batteries (producing 9.6v for a 12v product) are really suitable for this type of application? I have read some reports that suggest the fish finders can work at much less than 12v, and other reports that suggest 1.2v battery actually produces up to 1.4v! Is this something that will wreck my fish finder?
I am confused :?:
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I don't know how well it would run, but I did use a standard 9V battery to power up my Lowrance, no problems.

Don't you just love batteries. :D
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