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Batemans Marine Park

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Hi All, I dont know if this subject has come up yet but the time left for comments on the Batemans Marine Park propossal is running out fast. If you have not filled out a submission form please do so soon. Here is the link to the online form. http://www.mpa.nsw.gov.au/bmp/submission.html In the current proposal kayak fishers are to suffer the most with 80% of the close in reefs closed to recreational fishing and most of the upstream sheltered areas in estuaries closed off also. This plan, if it goes ahead unchanged will take away 90% of my current kayak fishing. These Marine parks are tools of the extreme greens to stop recreatonal fishing and are not based on science. Please have a say even if you do not fish the area as these parks are planned for the whole Australian coast line and will effect you, it will only be a matter of time. Also please have a look at http://www.ecofishers.com set up to fight these green groups. Happy fishing. All the best Dave Longin. [/url]
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