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Bass fishing joy - Clarrie Hole Dam - 28/11

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After Hairymicks inspiring Bass words about his joy at Lenthalls I thought I'd give those stubborn Clarrie Hole fish the benefit of the doubt - again.

(1) Drove for an hour
(2) Unloaded and carried the yak 30 metres to the water
(3) Fished for an hour using all those "blah, blah, blah, shit hot, eco go stuff yourself and micro shove it where it fits lures"
(4) Caught 3 bass to 7 (Yes, a whopping SEVEN) CENTIMETRES
(5) Carried the yak 30 metres back up the hill
(6) Loaded the yak
(6) Drove for an hour

Now, let's compare this scenario to Saturday where I tested my ultra bare bones fishing system:

In the fishing bag are 3 x pre rigged 6" handlines with 20 metres of 150lb mono each with a 2 metre 100lb Jinkai leader and heavy duty snap swivel:

Rigs were:

1 x Halco Laser Pro 190 Std in Gold 2M+
1 x 160 RMG Crazy Deep in Silver/ Blue 8M+
1 x 6" Yo Zuri Hydrosquirt in Purple 3M+
2 x Fresh bridle rigged Garfish

I clipped handline #1 into the bungy system and released all the line and trolled for 10 mins right on dawn. Big whack, the bungy pulled, the handline slammed into the line retaining clip, the yak turned and the knot broke at the spool. Bye, bye Halco.

I then set up Mr Zuri and tolled for 10 minutes without a touch. The birds started working and there were big bustups everywhere.

Mr Zuri was swapped out for Mr fresh Garfish with a pink squid skirt. It was in the drink for no more than 30 seconds when it was nailed by a 4kg nobby Snapper.

I then set up the RMG, let out 1/2 the line and WHACK. I grabbed the handline and then let it go because the fish was too big and running too hard. I wanted to let the bungy do the work. When properly set up, this bungy system has enough give to allow a huge fish to swing the yak, tow it and tire itself out before reeling it in. Within seconds the line was off the spool and the knot popped off like a cork. Bye, Bye, RMG.

My estimate is that this fish was a king or tuna aound 20kg. The yak spun so quickly and the tow would have been great if I tied my handline knot properly.

Two handlines spooled and one to go. I replaced the yo zuri with the 2nd garfish. Whack - Spooled - End of story. No more tackle, saved the yo zuri and had a nice 4kg nobby in the bag.

When I got home I respooled all my handlines and learnt how to tie the spool knot.
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The blue water sounds like fun mate, hope you get that bungee system sorted, sounds like a goer. :wink:
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