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Bargain bin lures

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Had to post this one. Went to a local tackle store recently and saw the attached lures (less the Ecogear SX-40s on the bottom row, put there for comparison) in the bargain bin. Upon enquiry was told they were hand made / wooden body / good for bream .... and despite being marked at $5 each was told they were infact being sold for $2 each! Now I thought to myself it just aint right lettin those lures sit there gatherin dust so decided to buy the lot.

Two weeks ago, tried a black and white one and scored a flattie.

Now I'm thinking if only everyone gave up using SX-40s sooner or later they'd have to find there way into the bargain bin.

A blokes gotta dream ....


Red Herring


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That's a whole lot of HBs! Great score :D With the lures being so cheap you can cast them tight in to cover without fear of losing a $15+ lure :wink:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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