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Balmoral Sunday 12 November

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Count me in. We may even be able to try out those new downriggers if they arrive in time :) (by the way I got you a downrigger bomb from Anaconda Ken).

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Sounds like a plan, i'll be around on sunday will u be mooring the mothership the same place as last time??
I'll bring your rod holder with me.
CO Pilot Required! ......

There is a seat available in the front of a new Hobie Outfitter (Pedal Kayak) for the trip on Sunday morning departing from balmoral at about 5:45 . returning to be off the water by 9:30

Byo Tackle and bait, no experience neccesary if you are interested drop me a PM or call me on 0401 853 204

Cheers Pauly
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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