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Balmoral - 23-10-06

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Hit the water at 05:00h, plan was to troll out to the Naval Wharf, across to the Yellow Mooring Cans, on to Rocky Point to try for some squid and then Edwards Beach for a try at flatheads.

Started with 2 rods out, with SX-48 and Rapala X-rap HB's. A tailor hit the Rapala just at the Naval Wharf so the plan is coming together, between the wharf and the cans ran over some good looking bait schools on the FF and the tailor were in attendance. Stayed with the Rapala only for another 5 tailor. Quite satisfied with this I though it was about time to head off home, 06:00h off the water is looking good at this stage. What could be better than this an hour on the water, seen the sunrise and enough fish to keep the interest levels up.

Trolled the Rapala into the moorings on the way back to the beach only to be absolutely hammered about 1/2 through the moorings. After a pretty good 10 minute scrap on 3kg gear boated my best Silver Trevally to date (44cm to fork). Those fish certainly know how to pull that is for sure. Trev delayed getting back to the beach but off the water at 06:15



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nice one lloyd. any size to the tailor or were they choppers?

yes those trevs sure know how to fight.

5am yesterday....I was trying to get my 14 month old back to sleep,, damn this non-daylight saving period... :x
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