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Balmoral 20-11-06

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Was actually on the water before first light this morning. I set up using a headlamp and ended up using it for the first 30 minutes or so of fishing.

After yesterdays pretty ordinary day around North Head I needed a confidence boost hence the trip.

Trolls past some of the structure off the Naval Wharf and Cobblers didnt turn up anything even though there were very good showings on the FF and I was starting to think that the rot was setting in.

Found a good tailor school in a direct line from Cobblers to Grotto Point so spent about a 1/2 hour braining choppers. if nothing else it is good yak and fish handling exprience. No size to them 20 / 25cm but fun none the less.
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Nice one Lloyd, I think just catching something is a bonus! Sounds like the school I located in roughly the same spot a couple of weeks ago :D
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