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Anyone else had trouble with Braid line?

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Hi Yakkers

Just wondering if any of you use braid? I have just started using (10lb Live Wire) braid and have been having issues, seems to snap under load easy. It also frays quite easy. Could it be user fault? or might the line be dodgy? or is braid just not that good?

Would love to hear your comments.

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Ash, I have braid or gelspun on all my reels. Generally it breaks well above the rating at which its sold. Never used livewire. However I have heard of guys getting bad batches of line. Take it back to where you bought it and explain your situation. They should replace it.
Braid has lower abrasion resistance to mono or fluorocarbon. Don't know if this is your problem. Easily solved by using a leader, using either of those lines.

Where has the line been breaking? At the knot? You have to use different knots for braid. Best knot for starters is the Uni knot, which can be used to tie on terminal equipment and by tieing two (double uniknot) used to join the leader to the mainline. It can even be slipped to form a loop knot. Just make sure you use 8-10 turns in the knot for braid.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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