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Anyone else had trouble with Braid line?

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Hi Yakkers

Just wondering if any of you use braid? I have just started using (10lb Live Wire) braid and have been having issues, seems to snap under load easy. It also frays quite easy. Could it be user fault? or might the line be dodgy? or is braid just not that good?

Would love to hear your comments.

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Last and only time ive snapped braid it was 4lb fireline and i had cast a lure into a tree with no leader ( lure straight to braid ), it was quite difficult and sounded like a thunder clap ( massive shock backlash too ) so im quite suprised to hear of your symptoms.

I get some line slip fishing 6lb vanish on my 4lb fireline, no slip on my 20lb penn leader and 12lb fireline... not as stealthy though, I would reccomend Suffix or Fireline for quality. ( not quantity )

On another note tell your brother well done with the golden, ive heard Gunners has been firing for months, gotta go take my yak out there!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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