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Any tips for Peel Island

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I'm heading over to Peel Island this weekend for a night and plan to do a _lot_ of fishing. So does anyone have any tips for me whilst I'm there?
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Take plenty of ice, and put any squire you catch straight on it, and I will PM you my delivery address later. :D :D :D

Sorry, but I have never been there, so besides my first tip...... I have nothing to offer.
Good luck and tight lines.


Will be surprised if you make it, the forecast is a shocker for Peel plans, as Horseshoe Bay is totally exposed to anything from the south.

If you attempt it go across on low water, as the banks to the south will be exposed and the wind won't get the same reach to make waves as bad.

And Lazaret on the other side would be a great anchorage in the conditions forecast, but there is only a reef shoreline and nowhere to land.

My thoughts would be look elsewhere this weekend
I only fished horseshoe bay last weekend and it can only be fished at high tide. We had highs around 8 pm last week so it was good fishing from 5-11pm. Fresh pike was the gun bait. Just dangle a small 2" SP near the drop off around low tide and you will catch plenty.

Best of luck on the fish and the weather.
IDouble post. Slow to upload tonight!!!
Thanks for the info Dodge, I've been watching the weather sites and they've been giving contradictory reports but they're starting to line up now with the SE winds. :/
We'd be heading over at high tide unfortunately, a bit of chop doesn't really worry me too much and we can fish anywhere around the island (except the NE corner of course) so at this stage we're still a go for launch. We'll see what today brings in terms of the reports changing.
the way the charts looking,looks like the SW ekka winds are due.Might be better off round the NE side .
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