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Any more West Aussies out there?

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Guess I better say hello.

I'm from Mandurah, about 1hr south of perth. Married, 2 little girls, workshop foreman, ultra keen fisho, happy to go out in one of 2 boats, or stand all night on a beach or, obviously, paddle my way around.

Looked a lot, read a lot, looked some more and ended up with a OK Prowler 13, which I'm very happy with. For me anyway it just seems to do most things really well, especially getting from a to b if thats a bit of a distance, while still being decent to fish out of. Have a garminff140, scotty's and the usual milk crate which I've changed about 600 times, I'm sure it'll be perfect one day!!!

We have 2 major river systems into a pretty large estuary which has 2 sea entrances so I have options galore all of 2 minutes away.

Looking forward to lots of chat on here.....
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Welcome David. Look forward to hearing about your battles against the blowies and your successes with the good fish
Welcome David, sounds like you live in just the right spot for some top kayak fishing. Great choice of yak as well. They are popular on the forum. Good luck. Steve.
Great to have another bloke from the west, welcome Dave :wink:
Welcome David, you must be a good bloke with that name and being in WA :lol: .

I yakfish along the south coast as often as I can, so if you're ever down this way I can take you to a few reasonable spots.

I'm hoping for a few sessions in the Indian Ocean over the next few months, either off the metro area or even around the Peel region, so I'll let you know if & when...
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Hiya David :D
Hi David. I'm a fellow Sandgroper up here in Geraldton :)
I haven't got my YAK as yet, but I am going to check out the Hobie Outback and Outfitter at Sailpower in Nedlands in a couple of weeks and buy whichever one suits my requirements best. My plan is to fish the inshore reefs around Gero and surrounding areas - S-Bend to the south and as far up as Wagoe in the right conditions. I'm hoping to catch some Dhui's close in when the white crays are running in December 8)
There aren't too many West Aussie forum members compared to our eastern states friends here, but the numbers are growing steadily :wink:
Welcome to the forum anyway Dave.


Hi David
I am down in Safety Bay and have just bought a FINN Gizmo with a humingbird fish finder. Will have to have a fish some day...

Matt :D
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