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Another Relation of Hagar....

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Hey all,

I'm Hamlet, Hagar's Son... i think a love of the outdoors has been handed down from father to son. Hagar and I went kayaking on the beautiful Stradbroke Island last weekend... There is a series of lakes connected by little streams so we started at the bottom and started paddling up. I'm more into the Kayaking side not so much the fishing... but good old hagar had the lures out getting caught in the reeds... just ask him!!! Well thought i would say hi and let you know whats happening.

more to come

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Hi Hamlet, welcome to the forum mate.

I was just getting into the trip up the creek with you then and ya stopped. Sounds like the perfect place for a paddle n fish. I for one will definately be looking forward to more reports

:D fishing Russ
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