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Annaconda? Ecogear sx40's @$15.25!

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Hi all,

Just got back from a quick visit to Annaconda to get a replacemnet sx40 that was lost to the stingray a few weeks back. :evil:

I get thier catalouge and new they had a price guarantee so I had a quick check online and printed out the best price I could find and took it along.

1. They wanted to know if it was on-line shop only.
2. They wanted to know if I would have been charged postage if I had ordered it on-line.

Seems like they wouldn't honour there guarantee if it was online only (it wasn't) or an overseas offer (I get this bit) and they were going to charge me the same for postage if I had ordered it. (kind off defeats the purpose)

This is the entire wording on there policy from thier website...

"Lowest Price Guarantee
If you're resourceful, adventurous, determined and smart enough to find the same stocked item cheaper elsewhere, show us and we'll shake your hand and then beat it by 10%"

I work in retail so I know about the overheads in running a store: What I can't understand is: If you have a clear policy with no strings attached then why wouldn't you just do it?

Anyway I got them $15.25 ea and am glad there are no stringrays in Baroon pocket dam where I am heading in the morning.

For future reference if you are taking up Annaconda on thier lowest price Guarantee I would be taking a print out of the offer and the physical address of the store.

I would also prefer to give my buisness to the store that had the lowest price to start with - But they were in another state.
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Sound like a bunch of shonky buggers to me. Either they mean what they say or they don't. There is no mention there about shopping on line or postage.

Stuff em. I'll stick to paying $17.50 and get the exceptional service as provided by Lureworld. Ordered Friday night, Here first thing Monday morning - every time. :D Not worth the fight for the sake of 2 bucks IMHO
Hi Red, Yeah mate, I understand that. They can tweak their guarantee all they like, but at the end of the day, no mention was made re on line shopping or postage in their guarantee.

I repeat, they either mean what they say - or they don't.

If they don't mean what they say - I reckon stuff em. If they are not fairdinkum, I wouldn't buy the lovely eco gear lures from em even if they were offering them at 5 bucks.

integrety goes a long way in my books.
Hi Milan, Where are pro Catch?
Thanks Wayne, I just love my little SXs and am allways looking for a cheaper way to get more.
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