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Anchor pully system / spliced

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Gday Guys,
Just finished my anchor system. It attaches to the grab lines via a d shackle and pully at either end. This is so i can reach it on the water to put it on or take it off. Then i cut a length of the anchor line long enough to loop between either end of the kayak with around 200mm of extra line.
Then i splice a loop into the line with around 100mm line left on. Put both pullies onto line then i spliced the ends of the line together. I also tied a knot between the pullies on the oppisite side of the line to the loop so the loop won't get pulled into the pullies and jamb.

The anchor line can be attached to the loop with a bowline on a bight and using the pullies can be anchored at any point along the kayak depend on which way i won't to face.

The photo's show the splicing procedure

1/ 30m coil 8mm silverside anchor line with stainless thimble
2/ 30mm stainless d shackles
2/ 30mm stainless and plastic pullies
1/50mm snap hook


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