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An open letter (with apologies to KRUDD)

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In recent months, I have failed the AKKF community. There have just been too many doughnuts all round. There's been an erosion of trust, and a marked lack of fishy fun action.

Negative personal swimming styles have done much to bring dishonour to our sport but done nothing to address the urgent challenges facing our pastime, our kayaks and our enjoyment on the water.

In fact it has been holding our sport back.

This must stop, and with all my heart that is the purpose that I intend to pursue as the AKFF travelling lure.

I would acknowledge the achievements of my predecessor, if there were one. I hope to be a trailblazer of extraordinary intelligence, of great strength and energy. I hope to achieve much under the difficult circumstances of a lure with no fixed abode, and to leave a legacy of travelling lures in a better place than how I found them.

Every effort I have in my being will be dedicated to uniting the finding and attracting fish. No retributions, no pay backs, no finger pointing about different or blunt hooks, none of that stuff. It is pointless, it is old schnizz.

Together, we can win back and defend all that AKFF has achieved in the past. Join the campaign today and sign up to give me a swim.



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For God's sake do not send him to me.
Daveyak said:
kayakone said:
For God's sake do not send him to me.
Coal to Newcastle?
Sand to Arabs
Here ya go billy me boy.
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I should delete this whole thread
I promise but I don't deliver
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