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Always have a camera with you!

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Went off Wedding Cake island this morning around 0600 trolling lures. Got busted off severely on 2Kg braid with what must have been a big salmon. Then while drifting off Coogee and I had the orange sea anchor out off the bow, I had this come up to the kayak. It stayed around for about half an hour, and I swear it knew I was there. It played with the kayak and as it was gliding under the yak, it would turn on its back and look up. It was the weirdest experience, but it made me feel so alive. I was so lucky to have had such an experience. Although it was about one and a half times the length of the Prowler, I did not feel scared.

Prowler 15


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great read simon
AWESOME :eek: ! I definitley go fishless to experience that. I'm sure you'll remember it for a long time to come, and A+ for the pics too, great to be able to share those with us :)

Sounds like you had an awesome experience there mate!!!

Absolutely amazing, that's well worth not catching a fish for.
g'day Simon. awesome stuff. I've had dolphins come up underneath my yak and also surfboard , but never a whale!

Any idea what sort of whale this was?
Thats unreal. Especially being able to take that underwatershot 8)
I thought it was a Minke whale, but it must be a juvenile. Just didn't recognise the dorsal fin. Seemed to have more of a hook on it.
I am adding a couple more photos of this magnificent creature.
After I left the water, as a Southerly started to come in, I could see the whales near Wedding Cake Island breaching. Awesome!!! :shock: :D


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Hey Simon,

They are fantastic photos, what an experience!

Do you take them with a waterproof digital camera? I'd love to get one when they come down in price. The only one I know of is the one in that ad where the owner takes it out of his dogs mouth. The ad doesn't make me want one it just makes me think ...YUK!

Again, great photos, always wondered what was swimming around Wedding Cake Island.

Hi Eric
The thought had occurred to me of jumping in the briny with it, but as the kayak was on a sea anchor and a 4 metre GWS had been spotted only a few hundred metres from the spot, I opted for just sticking my hand under water with the camera.
I used a Canon Ixus 400 in its waterproof housing, which can go down to 300 metres. Some of the shots are hit-n-miss, but overall I am very happy with them. Again it felt like it knew I was there and either must have been intrigued by the shape of the kayak or the orange sea anchor. As time went by, it became bolder and came closer and closer to the kayak. It would glide, tummy side up, under the kayak, so close I could nearly touch it. It just stayed around the kayak, and I was hoping it would decide not to come up for air right under the yak. Lucky I had my PFD and wetsuit..You never know what you will meet in our great vast oceans.

Prowler 15
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WOW Simon that must be an awesome thing to experience I have goose bumps just reading ya post. You are a lucky boy.

PS... 4 mtr GWS I would have stayed on the Yak as well mate. Congrats on a great experience and thanks for sharing.

:D fishing Russ
You're blessed Simon. Thanks for letting us share
Sure thats an experience you will remember for years Simon, and every viewing of the pics will refresh the memory...thanks for sharing
Awesome pics Simon
Geez, Simon, Thats just brilliant. Thank you. :D
Thanks Simon. I was 'Gobsmacked' reading your post and looking at the photos. I still cant believe how excited I get seeing whales and dolphins in their natural environment when im on the water with them. A few weeks ago I saw some whales breaching a few hundred metres from me when I was out on the yak, to have one playing around beside you is a very special moment. Im sure there's a shot in there that you could frame.

We really are very lucky!
wow simon - absolutely awesome. A great experience that you couldn't plan in 100 years. No suprise you didn't stand a chance on your 2kg gear!! :wink:
The bizarre thing about this experience is that Simon, through no action or fault of his own, was breaking the law by being within 300m (I think thats the limit) of the whale.

A few weeks ago, NSW Environment Minister, Bob Debus, was at the lighthouse at Byron Bay extolling the good work he has done in banning fishing when whales were spotted near kayakers. He sent the rangers off to get the kayakers. Fortunately they didn't have the nous to succeed. Its a weird world.
peril i thought the ruling was that you couldn't approach within 300m of the whales however if they approached you then it was ok?

http://www.epa.qld.gov.au/publications/ ... istance%22

Just found this link - couldn't copy and paste text but the jist was that if you are by yourself you can't move you boat within 100m of a whale/pod of whales. You also cannot move your boat into a position which will bring the whales closer to you (ie within their direction of travel). Also if a whale surfaces within 300 metres of you you cannot travel away from it any faster than 4 knots...

I take this to mean if you paddle to within 100 metres of a whale and not within its direction of travel and it changes its course to come and check you out then your not breaking the law. Also if it surfaces within 100 metres of you it doesn't seem like you have to make an effort to paddle away from it.
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