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Preferred location for AKFF NSW Get together???

  • Port Stephens Area - Lower Nth Coast

    Votes: 37 100.0%
  • South West Rocks Area - Nth Coast

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Forster Area - Mid Nth Coast

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Patonga Area - Central Coast

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Batemans Bay/Durras Area - South Coast

    Votes: 0 0.0%

AKFF Annual NSW Trip Part 2

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OK, so we've established that theres a bunch of us that would be keen for an AKFF Annual Trip.

I'll open a poll as to preferred location. Once this has been decided upon then plans can start to be put in place. So if you are keen to come along please nominate your preferrerd location (please ONLY vote if you are reasonably likely to be able to attend).

The idea is to get as many of us in one place at one time for a bit of yakkin, socialising and fishing. So based on that criteria the venue with the most votes will be the one selected. Any comments etc welcome. I'm sure there'll be plenty of members that are happy with a couple of options - if this is the case can you submit your choice in order (eg 1-SW Rocks, 2 - Port Stephens etc).

We will aim for a decision on venue by 1 December. Then we can start working on preferred dates etc.

So, as Clint EAstwood would say....."Go ahead, have your say"
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the above 5 locations were based on what feedback I had from the original post 'NSW Annual Convention" which called for input into suggested locations. From that thread, the 5 options above were identified.

I too dont mind whether its north or south of Sydney, but from results so far the majority vote is for Batemans Bay area (11 votes) followed by SW Rocks (6 votes) and Forster (5). Batemans is probably 3-4 hours south of Sydney, Forster 4 hours north and SW Rocks 6-7 hours North ?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

If Batemans Bay were to be the location, would any of the Vic members be able to attend?

Further comments welcomed on the location. Once that has been confirmed, we can start working on dates.
OK, this thread seems to have come to a grinding halt, SO...

...lets assume that Batemans Bay area is the preferred option for the MAXIMUM number of attendees.

IN THAT CASE, who is able to attend?

Those who think they can attend please reply with your preferred times (eg mid-late Feb etc) If theres a specific weekend/date that you prefer please post it up.


Me...I'm a goer. Prefer mid-late Feb sometime.

(also keen to do another weekend North perhaps April/May?)
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redphoenix said:
Default duration: 2 days? 3?

Yep. I would suggest that duration should be Fri-Sun with those who can make it getting there on Friday midday ish for a Fri arvo / evening fish, then fishing during Saturday and also Sunday am and leaving Sunday early arvo. Obviously there will also be those that can only make the weekend and those who choose to get there earlier and/or leave later.
gheppsie, if you can see the results then you've already voted.

agree with Dave that short term trips should still be posted in Trips Section, but thought that we should try to organise one where we get together as many people as possible in the most convenient/preferred and central location (hence the poll).

most of us are keen to do a few different trips in different locations, so i'm sure that there will be more than one mass-get together over summer.
Red, the BArlings Beach park looks the goods...

OK, so far the following have expressed interest

Davey G

Anyone else?

I'll throw out a date and see what everyone reckons...

Hows the last weekend of February suit everyone? Fri 23-Sun 25th???? I know its a way off, but hey if its gonna happen, lets get onto it.
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numbers are stacking up.. :D
I'm in with wife and kids (6yo daughter and 18mth old son).
WOOHOOHH! :shock: :shock: :shock:

This is turning into a huge event!

So far

Davey G (and family?)
Red Phoenix (and family)
Victor Victor
Kraley (and family)
JT (and family)
Simond11 (and son)
On the Edge

If those dates are OK(and so far they seem to suit most??) then I'll get in touch with the van park and advise that we have a group coming and ask for special rates (cabins and camp sites)
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new thread will be started 'Barlings Beach Feb 2007" ...
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