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Adelaide - Barker inlet 19/11/06

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Headed to barker inlet on Sunday, arriving at 7:30 (went home at 12). It was near the bottom of the tide and had to walk the kayak to get into the first creek (mouth is really shallow). Once I arrived I thought "this is great, there will be no one else around" was a good looking bit of water. Then I hear a heap of crashing and splashing heading towards me from up the creek.......2 dolphins had the same idea as me and were hunting and crashing around all my bream snags....needless to say I caught none in that 1st creek. The dolphins couldn’t leave till the tide came in……so I had to move….friendly fellas circled the kayak a few times.

Moved to some other creeks and caught 8 bream for the day with the biggest 34cm. Things were a bit quiet, but this is an area I definitely want to explore further (this was my first time here).

Wasn’t having much luck on the HB’s or gulp chamo worms (never had much luck on gulp chamo worms, but other people love em????). What worked for me was grub style plastics fished deep in the snags. Without a well-placed cast there wasn’t even a small chance of scoring a fish.

Sorry no photos.
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Thanks Aaron

Was not that creek, was one on the east side......some good looking water over there.

catch ya
BACK OFF.......thats mine, mine all mine......you'll have to find somewhere else to fish................ :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ok, Ok, I guess I can cope with you guys fishing there ………….for now……… :cry: ………..does anyone know if you can purchase a waterproof shotgun mount for the kayak… :twisted: …I um…….er……want to shoot some rabbits that are eroding the creek banks……yep that’s what I want to do.. :twisted:

Good luck on the squid fisher, I was thinking of a morning session around swan alley……but need to get the wife’s permission first…..could go either way at this stage.

I’ve also heard that there are a few mullies around west lakes and the port, would be keen for a session.

In my limited experience, catching any species of fish requires:- 15% using the right gear, 50% up to date local knowledge, and 35% deception once you find a system that works. Aaron, with all that time on you hands, keep us informed mate………………just ignor that small point about deception above…..dosent count among yack fishers :D :D :D .
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