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Hey guys,

have you guys ever had actual fishing comps in the yaks,
maybe everyone pays an entry fee which goes towards prizes.

maybe we could have bream/bass comps,

just thought it might be a bit of fun, and might help to grow and promote our sport.

any ideas??

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It's a loooong way to go, but this is one fun gathering.
I volunteer on a weigh-boat for the bass division --or have the last 2 years. Unfortunately 07's details are not posted, yet.

The venue has adjacent camping, so there is greater ease to show up and camp to be there for the launch. There's also motels/hotels for those that like a bed. Last year was right awful weather with squalls, thunder, lightning and hail w/in an hour of launch time. Still 192 yakfreaks launched. I was amazed, considering the weather. The year before that, big-fish was a 50something pound white seabass (yank mulloway) caught by a friend in my yak crew. Should have seen his face when we, in the weigh-boat, cruised by him. I'm sure he still relishes that day.

Jason at kayaksportfishing would be glad to answer any questions about the details for gathering sponsors and other logistics.

It's a long day, but tons of fun, hanging out with so many like-minded yak zealots.

Again, admin, I apologize if I'm stepping on toes by cross-posting this info. Do as you will, and no hard feelings.


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I agree, would be fun to have kayak only comps, perhaps when the convention happens (NSW Feb 07) and I know other states are planning big trips, they might consider haveing a fish comp for biggest of a certain spicies etc......

However, many local comps you can trot along to in a yak, some you might be at a significat disadvantage (take the ABT style for example) however the recent carp comp in Canberra had a few yakkers, and I know Whyangla dam has a comp where kayaks certainly would help.

Keep an eye in the magazines, the monthly fishing news ones tend to have some good reports and highlight some up and comming events, but as usual your local tackle shop would be able to tell you when they are happening.....probably the best ones for yakkers are the ones where shore based anglers can partake as well as boats.

Hope you find that helpfull.

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