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A slow go at Lake Eildon

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Squidder and myself had lash at what was being described by fisho's in the know as a slow fishing Eildon. At 22% of capacity, apparently a flow of rain is needed to stir things up a bit. Undaunted, we gambled on...could we prove the soothsayers wrong? Could we pull out an amazing last quarter effort to steal a win from behind? Could the yakker's troll up some Eildon R-E-S-P-E-C-T? Well of course we couldn't, what were we thinking!! :wink: :D For our efforts, the fishing was slow. Hb trolls and Sp flicks yielded donuts, while Squidder's dangling scrub worms netted a coupla small reddies. Sill, with plenty of wildlife to be spotted and fresh country air to be inhaled who could complain :D :D

An arm of Eildon...just add more water please
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I would have loved to give Squidder some serious stick about this one...but my non fish kayak was at serious risk should he had returned fire :wink: :D
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At least you would have enjoyed the paddle. Gee you never normally hold back on the cracks Poddy. You haven't lost your fishing mojo have you. :D

I reckon a trip to Lake Bullen Merri could be on cards. I have even bought a paravane in preparation.

Nice pics. I think all the fish have hibinated for the winter. Too cold to swim about.
PoddyMullet said:
I would have loved to give Squidder some serious stick about this one...but my non fish kayak was at serious risk should he had returned fire :wink: :D

Have now learn't what a smart operator you are; another follower of the "there's a time to talk, and a time to shut up" mentality.

As you say probably wise on this occasion :lol:
yaker said:
That first photo looks like it was a fair distance to carry the kayaks to the water's edge :!: :lol:
Maybe a long slipway? :roll:
Great photos guys. I went windsurfing there once. It looked a lot fuller back then. :shock:
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Great pics mate :D
As Poddy said it was slow fishing-wise, but a highly picturesque place with lots of wildlife to look at. There were lots of fish rising early, however numerous lure and location changes yielded no joy. Thanks Scott for some tips on SP tactics for trout, unfortunately on this trip it was not to be. Thanks for the company Poddy, and also for correcting my wrong turn on the drive back to Melbourne (he saved me from a >1 hour scenic detour through Yea).

The first pic was taken at a scenic lookout after we had driven a fair distance from the launch site - we were actually able to drive to within about 1m of the water's edge :wink:
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