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I fished for Calicos, still verifying, I cannot catch them on artificial baits.

Met up with Brad... The current had us around the corner. Bait everywhere, bite picked up just before sunset and then shut off. I got one, and a few bites, missed one, when my 2nd rod was tangled with my bait rod...

Stopped at the reserve to take pics, by that time it was pitch black out.

Here are the freak night shots! :lol:

My fish was 6lbs 10 oz...

Ran into Sheriff Joe, he had two nice fish on.... Good seeing ya Joe.

Video of Sheriff Joe...

Video of The Holy Mackerel Kayak Fishing Showâ„¢ with Special Guest Mad Scientist


Nice work Mack :)

Might have to hit you up for some tips on how you catch your kings (Yellowtail)......they are one of the species I'm keen to target when I start fishing offshore :)

I guess the same techniques would be used downunder?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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