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#60 Black Sea Bass w/video

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It is nice to get up later, well 5:30AM to get to the launch at dark these days... There was a little bit of fog, saw some of the regulars onshore getting ready, many expressed interest in going north for flatty's, Iceman was out for a quick trip to the 3/4 for tails...

I decided to go north and do some lazy fishin... Halibut! Made perfect greenies at the pier. Decided to start a drift... got bit... FISH ON!!! Turned out to be a leopard shark, which proceeded to tangle all three of my lines! :x released unharmed. Ran into Kurt, we both worked the same area... I got a few more bites, but nothing stuck.

Finally, line started to peel off my reel... FISH ON!! I was getting towed out to sea...

Ended up being a black sea bass about 60 lbs... just a baby. About a 40 minute fight, condensed in this video. Fish released, and swam down with some help from a couple other kayak anglers... It revived faster than I thought, didn't even have a chance to get a good pic, or video of it swimming off.

Video of BSB C&R

Sun decided to finally come out, Kurt and I paddle in to nice conditions, and reflected how lucky we are to live in San Diego.

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